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Oops, here it goes. Vicodin is starting to work now. Got it in a neat little red bottle. Came from target so it's not in one of those stupid orange or white ones that you get from everyone else. :) Eets so spiffing looking. And yeah... Now I have to try really hard not to throw up.

So I got my teeth taken out today. They did end up taking out all 4 so I wouldn't have to go to a oral surgeon later. Got nitrous oxide, that was fun. My dentist asked if I wanted the last taken out then or later, and I told him it didn't matter either way, so he just decided to take it out there. The one that he thought would be the hardest, out of the expected 3 ended up being the easiest, and the one that was expected to be the easiest ended up being the hardest. It's always funny like that. So now I can't eat salty foods and that's sad, but I have drugs in a nice bottle and he let me keep my teeth, so that's happy. I was hoping he would. Don't know why he wouldn't have, because as he said it only happens once in your life, but layton said his surgeon tossed his so I was kinda worried even though I've been able to keep all the other teeth that he's had to pull in my lifetime. Baby teefs, but still. Whatever. It is done. And it was funny, before I went in my dentist told me that it was ok to smile in his office. Why does everyone think that I don't smile?

And I will never think of cheetoes in the same way again. While he was taking out the last one he had to drill at it. The smoke in my mouth from the burning of blood and bone in my drugged and numb state tasted like the dust of cheetos. That was interesting.

Ugh, and I'm feeling kinda funny... so I think I should stop until later.

10:22, later edit, yay!

Done being high now. Almost got sick once had to stick my head and a garbage between my knees to keep everything inside of me. My jaw is really sore now. Can't open my mouth too wide and it kinda feels like my left cheek is swollen. Think tomorrow I'm going to try taking half a pill instead of a whole one and hope that it works without making me so sick because the sick is really annoying. Only happens when I try to sit up or move though. And I eat.

Finley is going to camp tomorrow for the week. It kinda sucks for him because his birthday is on the 19th so he's going to be gone on it. Earlier he was bugging my mom to give him some of his birthday gifts before he goes, but it kinda didn't work. Layton and I got him a shirt a long time ago that has a picture of a stick person in front of a tv playing video games and under it it says, "not now, I'm busy." And I think I'm going to burn him a copy of the weird al cd that I have. He borrowed it over the weekend and I wasn't to happy when I got into my cd case today. Some of my cd's were out of order and he had moved lest we forget up to fill the hole where al should have been. I don't like to let people into my cd case unsupervised because stuff like that always ends up happening. It may not look like my disks are in any order but they are, when I got them, so when someone moves them around it upsets me.

And here I go feeling not so hot again. I have so much shit I want to put down right now, but my stomach is just far too distracting.

Picture of the day: Caring Is Creepy