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My eyeballs are burning

I've not gotten much sleep. Woke up this morning and something was wrong. My body was making weird sounds, like the ones those tubes make with the weird noise thing inside and every time you rotate it, it makes the noise. Kinda like that, or something. It sucked. Had to wake up my mom, who felt the need to call the consulting nurse, who demanded to talk to me, who whined about it up until I was force fed the phone. And in the end I was told nothing was wrong. Again. And that begs to question, if nothing is wrong, why do I feel so shitty all the time? Perhaps it's all in my head.

Anyway, I tried to rest a little bit more after that but it didn't really work. Mostly just continued to read 'the rainy season.' There are very few books that I can read and re-read like I can that one. I'll never get tired of it. 'Round 7:30 I stopped though and got up to try and make breakfast for everyone. Felt bad for having to get my mom up to figure out my current issues. And try being the operative word, which isn't to say that I failed... I just was only able to do half. Eggs, baked beans and orange juice. Wanted to make bacons and hash browns too, especially since mom shouldn't be eating eggs or dairy, but the bacon was frozen and the hash browns are somewhere buried deep in the freezer of frozenness where only my mom can get at them. And she was trying to sleep before church so I wasn't going to wake her up for something so trivial as potatoes. If I wasn't so damn lazy and didn't feel like I was so pressed for time I probably could, and would, have made them from scratch.

Yesterday was cool. Had what could be considered a very full day. Went down to the canterbury fair, drunk. Or maybe it was cornucopia. I can never remember which is which, all I do know is the one with the medieval reenactments is now, after 19 years, gone. Too low of a turnout, but then it's really started to suck with all of kents stupid rules and regulations they're putting on vendors now. Went into browsers books to look for some neil gaiman (I was so happy to find they were still open after 6 because of the fair) and shock and awe, they didn't have ANY. All sold out. They come and go rather quickly apparently. Got to have some nice conversations with the people there though... just because I was drunk. *sigh* I wish I could have that sort of ease and comfort talking to people while I'm sober. Ungh, whatever. Ahm jest fukkin retarded. *cough* Went to hot topic later on and layton got a ltd edition orange vinyl of APC's eMOTIVe and I happened to see that they have another doom doll. Begged layton to get it and at first he said no, but then he changed his mind and said I owe him big time. I'm just happy to have her. And from what I've seen, only hot topic carries them. Can't even find them on ebay, other than darla. Think I've got all they've come out with now, darla doom, melancholy molly and the latest, patty paine (she's a nurse). Can't know for sure though because their website isn't exactly up and running very well. It's in the process of being made.

I can remember when I got darla doom. 'Twas back around the time I had to go to overlake. Took her with me and the nurse tried to tell me that I couldn't have her with me. I was upset enough to be going as it was, but when she said that... I had to try so hard not to cry. They took everything else from me and I didn't want to let her go too. Lucky me I didn't have to though, and I kept her with me at all times, except when I was trying to sleep and she was sitting on my nightstand. And then they came out with molly and I got her so that darla could have a friend... and then somewhere along the line after that I just decided that I was going to collect all of them that they come out with.

Went into the beer garden... and here is something that bothers me, since I've turned 21 the only time I've been carded for booze is when I'm buying it myself. And that's not nice. Before they would try to card me for even just standing in line while someone else was buying. Now I've got nothing. Not even when I walked into the beer garden with layton. Probably looked childish as all hell carrying around a doll, but no one cared. And I sat down while layton bought a beer for himself. Drank a little bit, choked down a few sips while trying not to let it make me sick, and no one seemed to notice. Now... why is it that I don't get carded now, but even so little as the day before I was people would try to left and right. Mother fuckers. Keep expecting they will, and they never do... YOU'RE ALL INSANE.

Met up with roz a lot later. Went to mcdonalds for dinner, amazingly the resturaunt part is open until 11, totally didn't know that. She came home with me and is currently sleeping in my bed. She also got me a box of earl grey tea, probably to replace what she's consumed while over, even though I've told her it's fine. Oh, and she got me this adorable ouija board keychain. I've always wanted to get a ouija board but never got around to it. Roz is just so thoughtful. Wish I was able to get more/do more for her in turn or something.

Picture of the day: Me and Blastoise