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It's summer solstice today

I don't know what to say
I'm kinda upset
     over what only god should know
Want to say something
     anything at all
But I can't

I'm frozen in apathy
Because I love this girl 
     and I'm sure she loves me too
But she's stupid as fuck
Her brain is as dull as a over-used razor
The one you can't throw away
     because you can't afford a new one
Kinda like that

And I swear I do love her
But every time she opens her mouth
I want to tear out her tounge
     and my ears off
Because I never hear anything new
And it's painful
To hear the same things repetitively

Oh god, how I'm in love
But god, how she irritates
I'll give you sweet kisses
     between the mad rage
And hope in the end everything will be ok

Picture of the day: ZOMBIE SHIRT by Hartman

^*^ Please don't pretend you know what or who this is about.  Please don't assume that it's about you.  I know about half a dozen people who will anyway, but it's not.  Sorry.  Probably complete fiction anyway.  And apathy is the correct word though I'm sure it sounds weird. ^*^