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Free Gem stone guide/Raw recipes/newsletter

Flying goddess
Enchanted Castle Newsletter
Your FREE gemstone guide & FREE raw recipes
June 2006 - Vol 1, Issue 1
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Hi, I am trying out a new newsletter format, and I want to make sure that you want to recieve these each month. All you do is nothing if you wish to continue to receive it. It's that easy, if you don't wish to receive this email, or you receive it at more than one address, please go to the bottom of this page, and unsubscribe yourself. Thanks so much for your help in updating our list, as we only want you to be on our list, if you wish to receive our newsletters.

When we learn about the RAW lifestyle we want to tell everyone we know, and yet they may not be ready, we also don't want others to "not like us anymore" because we are different, and yet we don't want to ram this down their throats

There is such a fine line between, being the answer, and pushing it upon

To read all the newsletters for the past year, to read my ramblings, to read about Dragggon's garden tips and tricks, to read humor, and simply to see what has been happening...

Raw Vegan recipes, gooey cheesey pizza, all vegan, all raw, enchiladas, tacos, burittos, burgers, chocolate cake, creamy coconut cake, chocolate milkshake, cinnamon rolls, gooey pecan carmel rolls, all of these and more available in a professional chef format.

Large print, on 8 1/2 by 11 paper, with three hole punch so you can place them in a binder. Easy to add your own notes. Available for a limited time.

Buy your uncook book manuals today, as a publisher has purchased the rights to my recipes, and my book "The Magic of Raw" will be published next spring, with only 75 recipes, so purchase your copies today of the original recipes in manual form.


Many blessings,


Christine D. Winters & Dragggon
Enchanted Castle