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Still waiting on my book...

Could have taken my cue to leave and go to bed when layton and then james did, but I didn't and so I'm still up. Blech. Have to walk down to james' tomorrow. He invited me to go up to southcenter with him. He also asked if I wasn't doing anything after 5 if I would want to hang out with him and tyler. Guess tyler was going to meet him up there around 5 or something. Told him to ask layton, but he said no, so I guess that's his loss. James kinda needs to get over that it's layton. He's no different from any other person out there, and the worst he could say is no, and I know he probably wouldn't. Big scary layton. 0.0 To me, hearing that makes me think he's saying that while he may enjoy my accompanying him up there, he doesn't enjoy it even a tenth of enough to ask for it later. Whatever. No one ever does.

*insert snarky and sarcastic comment here*

Picture of the day: The Final Frontier