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Thursday was the beginning of the third annual 30 blogs in 30 days.  Whatever that means.  Found out about that yesterday, and it interests me, what it is about and all, but I can't really find shit on it.  I think it's just a really good concept in general.  To try and blog for all the 30 days that is this month.  More so for some people than others (like me) who are regulars at it anyway.  Another one of those things that's in my blood.  Easier than doing it on paper.  I remember not too long ago, with the incident with miss keydralynn, a guy said "I'm sorry, but this is NOT a real journal. This is a "journal" on the internet, where the entire world has access to every word she speaks."  I told him that was total bullshit and an online journal was no less real than one that is written with a pen or pencil on paper, and that if anything I, among many other people, would consider it to be more real because it's less likely to be destroyed in an accident like a fire or flood.  It's electronic and the only one who is going to destroy it is the user.  They're also easier to write in.  I know I could never stand when my parents would try to make me write in one.  Hand cramps, illegable writing and I didn't like the idea that they could read it.  So I would always goof off and do bullshit whenever it came time to do that.  Like they made up a two scentance minimum thing, and I would just put down stuff like 'went to school.  came home and did (insert activity here).'  I can understand now the logic behind the idea now.  It's nice to be able to go back and look at the ideas I've had in the past and how it reflects in what I do now.  How things have changed and what has stayed the same.  It's funny to think that I've been doing this for 3 years now.  Something I once loathed and hated has now become one of my best confidants.  I do this for no one other than myself.  Harrasment or no, and I've gotten plenty.  Most of it was from the old site though.  

Layton has just gotten out of the shower.  Roz was up forever drinking mikes.  Since she came over around 10ish last night anyway.  Over a case.  I had brought over a bunch of DVD's for her to watch if she came over.  Le Portrait de Petite Cosset, Vampire Hunter D, Elfen Lied and GITS: Innocence.  She managed to watch Elfen Lied all in one sitting, right after the OVA and then the v hunter movie.  She was just finishing it when I woke up at 10:30 this morning.  Took a shower and when I got out it looked like she was half passed out so I told her to just go to bed. 

Blah blah blah, layton wants to leave at 3 now, and it's a little after 2, so I'll finish this later I guess.

Picture of the day:  Dear Theo:sew