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Well peaches...

Was supposed to visit james sometime this week.  Nope sorry, fates said "hey, it's a wrench, wonder what would happen if we did this..." and then chucked it at me.  His dad is taking the rest of the week off and james got sick.  Nice.  SO instead of going down there to spend a few hours before going to layton's for the weekend, I am instead going nowhere for a few hours and then to layton's for the weekend.  Keen.  Hope it doesn't rain much on my walk over.  I dunno.  I guess it's ok.  My mom wanted to go out to lunch with me today anyway, and I had thought that tomorrow would be better than today.  It's almost sad how right I am.  My head was whirring with wondering on how I was going to work everything out, but all the pieces end up falling in place.  Yay.  I think.  Maybe not.

I'll just use tomorrow as an excuse to get some felt, as I've been meaning to do for weeks now, so that I could make my little bob-ombs.  James was feeling bad about everything so I said I would make him one if it would make him feel better.  He OMFG'ed on me.  Guess that's a yes.  : )  I'm just unsure how I'm going to go about making the wind up key part in his back... guess if worse comes to worse, I could always just make it keyless.

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