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Another to stack in the unlife pile

I feel fucking great now.  My mom called me up, asked me if I wanted to work tomorrow (if someone else couldn't be gotten), I said yes, and then she called back to tell me sorry but someone else had been found.  Made me feel fucking great.  Reminded of how useless I really am.  And layton said "That's not so bad."  Yeah.  Not that bad.  Maybe if you already have a job.  Then when you get a call asking you to work for a few hours at a job where you would get paid actual cash, and then they call back saying "oh, we found someone else, better luck next time," you don't have to worry because you're already making fucking money unlike some broke-ass fuck who couldn't work to save their life.  

I just feel like shit now.  Crying.  Want to curl up in my bed and just sleep forever, don't want to go anywhere.  Forget that I'm stupid and can't do anything.  

Misplaced my notebook again.  Can't keep track of anything...

Smoke away some sadness.  Don't know what I was going to do tomorrow anyway.

Picture of the day:  Backlight...