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Well, I was kinda depressed earlier after getting offline. Was talking to layton. I think I'm over that now for the most part. Now I'm just really mellowed out. Kinda tired too. I took my gunia pig outside for a few hours around 130 or so so he could play in the grass. Ended up falling asleep while watching him to make sure he didn't wander too far. I need to get a life in every sense of the phrase. It's like really, I sit at home and sleep all day with intermitting moments of reading, eating, listening to music and going online. It sucks. I want to be able to travel. Go visit Eurasia, canada and the rest of the fucking US before it's too late. It would be a fun and enlightening experience. Or something like that. *sigh* I just need to go take a break from my dull and virtually friendless life.