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^_^' Not my fault, I didn't mean it I swear

It's so funny though because I see those controllers at value village in seattle all the time, geek, and then have to force myself to put it down because I would have no reason to get one. And I looked it up on ebay, and they have them made into belt buckles (no surprise there), tons and tons, but I don't want a fucking buckle cuz that's just dumb, I WANT A GOD DAMN MOUSE. Can imagine that if I was able to do it, and do it right, it would probably sell fairly well too. But I don't have a soldering tool. D': I'd also have to look at the inside of a (hopefully) broken optical mouse too, to see how it works and how to make it work with the controller. If all else fails, I could make a belt buckle, just like everyone else. Blech.

There were a couple other things that made me geek too, but not as bad as that. Probably because I was upset last night though. I'm sorry you had to deal with that james. It was mostly me just thinking depressingly that they looked cute. I hope to eventually be able to get out and get some felt pieces so that I could make some little stuffed things, a bob-omb and maybe a mushroom. Would be cute. It's been a long time...

Speaking of... james said something to me about something-tyler, something-weekend and something-watching the last 4 episodes of elfen lied. Don't know anything more than that, let alone if he was serious about it. Mmph. That scares me, the not knowing if it's yes or not-yes. Don't know what to tell layton either.

I did end up being able to get layton a gift for his birthday on tuesday. We walked into target and he found ghost ship for about 6 dollars. They didn't have anything better than that (not that it's bad, cuz it's not.) and I only had $10.

Oh yeh... and that's kinda weird too.

Picture of the day: The End.