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May. 17th, 2006

I'm depressed. Wiped out physically and emotionally. Had a pretty good day though, so it's not because of that. Visited james, he made gingerbread and watched charlie and the chocolate factory. Found a key ring thing on my walk down there, a little metal strip that says 'damn I'm good', and I stuck it on one of my absent keychains. The one that used to hold my watch before it went all screwy and decided it didn't want to tell the right time anymore. Really beat up. Covered in nicks and scratches. Don't know what I'm going to do with it... He walked with me a little way up the trail past the bridge. I'm trying to give him some motivation to get out and walk or something like that.

Pet Shop of Horrors came while I was out. Mom called to let me know. I'm tempted stick it in the x-box to make sure it doesn't skip or anything, before sunday or whenever I get to watch it with layton. I don't know. Probably will end up doing so.

Been totally neglecting my ac:ww town. Want to start it over, but I don't want to lose everything, plus it would kinda kill off layton and finley. And that would suck and be mean. Blech.

Picture of the day: Subliminal