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It's layton's birthday, he's 22 now. Don't have a damn thing for him but then that's not new for anyone. What I was going to get kinda fell through for me. Don't have the funds. Blech, whatever. I know it would have just sat in his room in some corner of his closet. He would have found it to be amusing, but it still would have collected dust. I dpn't know what he has planned either. Knowing luck and the fates in all their glory, he's going to have to work overtime.

I was hoping that pet shop of horrors would come today but alas it has not. This is going to end up being a really long and irritating wait.

Mom is working today until 2. Woke up as soon as she was leaving, at 9 this morning. That was kinda weird, but I'd been in and out of sleep all night. I've been half watching advent children for the past couple of hours. Always happy to have it, and it's funny because that's the one movie I never expected I would get.

Yeah, I got nothing to say really.

Picture of the day: Repent pt. II