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I had a good night last night/this morning. Went and visited with james for a few hours since he wanted to get out and had no one to really go out with. Layton went with and waited down at the bus stop with me until the 150 came so he could hang with roz when she eventually called. Bus took a really long time of getting around to getting there. Was weird.

I enjoy being around james. Talking to him, even though half the time it's arguments over stupid trivial things, like what is scarier, fire or water. *it's water btw* Made a joke about how cube moved out of my town on ac:ww and how I found that to be upsetting and that I should cry about it. He told me that would be weird a fuck for him, to see me do something like that, cry over a game. And not to be stupid or anything, but that is actually something I would do if I felt that strongly about it because that's how fucking little I get in the way of regular human contact. Those video games, even though they're just games, are my only contact with anyone or anything so I have a tendency to become rather attached to people and animals in RPG's like that. James let me borrow his coat on my walk home though I didn't want to because it's his and I don't like stealing people's things. I told him to bring it with so that he could use it, not me. It's still freezing at night. I'm actually kinda glad he made me, though I still feel bad about it. It made me feel a little bit warmer and safer since I didn't have anyone with me at the time other than my phone.

On the last teeny part of my walk home, 3:30ish some guy stopped in his huge black truck *ooo scary* and asked me if I wanted a ride. That was no big deal to me as people do it all the time, one person asked earlier at the bottom of the hill when james was walking me towards the green river bridge area. I wished that I had taken the offer of the first person when I was given the chance, think it was a lady so it would have been better. Anyway, straying... He stopped and sort of sat in front of me until I passed him and then he began to follow me slowly until his eventual pulling up beside me to ask if I wanted a ride. My response to him was a slightly bemused "no, I didn't have much further to walk." Because really, it was only about 5 or so minutes to my house from where I was. So he left me alone and drove off, or so I thought. And then I got up to the top of the 108th bridge and saw him driving across it slowly heading towards 104th and watching me. That weirded me out but I ignored it. And then he came back yet again when I was about halfway past meadow ridge. Slowed down and asked me if I wanted a ride, AGAIN. And to ask what I was doing out, where I was going, where I lived, blah-fucking-blah. Because apparently some people don't understand the two letters, n and o when they are put together in that order. When he came back again that third time I was royally pissed off and I wanted him to get out of his fucking truck so I could kick his face in. It was partly at myself, because I bought a knife for EXACTLY that reason and haven't taken it with me since, and partly at him for being a dick, as dicks so often are. After he drove off the third time I called my mom and asked her to meet me in front of the house, she was up since my dad had recently gone to work. Kept expecting to see him drive by me again, but thankfully he didn't and when I reached the corner of our yard mom and todd came out. Todd flipped out because he didn't recognize me until I yelled at him to shut up. It's really sad to think about though, if I had been even as little as 5 minutes slower than I was everything could have ended up going in a very bad way, no's or not. Cuz dickwads won't listen.

Layton kinda freaked out a little bit earlier in the day, he didn't know if he was supposed to call roz today or not. When he did get around to it, it was around 7:30 and a bit late for her to be coming out. I think he felt bad about that. Not getting ahold of her earlier. Thank you roz for the magazine, bat and cat. The box is really cute too. I love it all. ^_^ *hugs* and thank you so much!

Picture of the day: Dr A's glimpse


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May. 16th, 2006 09:11 pm (UTC)
You're welcome
glad you liked the gifts...tell Layton I said Happy Birthday!

see you later! @-->-->-- roz
May. 16th, 2006 09:42 pm (UTC)
Re: You're welcome
They're very cute. The cat reminds me of cryshade, only with a tail and the stripes are more noticeable. ^_^

And layton says thank you or something. Apparently he forgot his phone at home today. Go figure.
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