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No passes...

Boy do I know how to find 'em. Pet shop of horrors is my latest and I've only seen it on amazon for (haha) 60 dollars new and 99 used in dvd form. WTF?! *sigh* and < /cry > I need to just stick with what I can afford, though it's not much at the moment. :) Still have to get one of those cords for the gamecube. Been putting that off for so long now and I have no excuse other than I'm fucking lazy...

Layton has me a little bit frustrated right now. I asked him to call me today 3 different times and he waited over an hour and a half after my last call, a little before 8, to get back to me. After about half an hour I realized he wasn't going to as is typical of him. It hurt a lot and when he did finally get his ass around to it I was pissed off and just sat there mostly silent. I don't know why he has to do that shit, put off everything until the last moment. Always ends up fucking him over, and you would think that will all the times he's gotten burned, he would have learned. But no.

We're getting a new fridge tomorrow, that would be yay but my parents tore apart the kitchen and moved everything around. Fucked it all up. Can't sit on the heater no mo. The floor is totally ruined where the, what is soon to be, old fridge (it leaks) used to be. Everything is currently out in the garage. Been half starving myself. That's always nice. I rescued layton's snow pet from melting and mom asked me what the attachment was to that 'ball of ice'. Layton 'splaned.

Yesterday I picked up my glasses, they finally came in. Much yayness. And mom bought me brain age from sams club. I asked and she said ok, that was weird for me, but cool. It'll be good for me hopefully. And as much as I hate math and numbers, I'm having fun with the sudoku puzzles. Fuck, I fucking hate math. GODDAMN THOSE FUCKING NUMBERS.

Went over to visit james today. Left another of my videos there. The elfen lied series that I've not quite been able to get through yet. But I've gotten far enough that a lot of stuff has finally gotten around to making sense. It's a fucked up series, I love it. Kinda have to either ignore that Kouta and Yuka are related or remember that marriage between cousins in Japan is only frowned upon but not illegal. Anyway, we watched some of that and I found out that 4 really does skip. That sucked to see. Talked, blahblahblah... I tried to make james walk a little bit with me too, when I was leaving. He kept forgetting about that and freaking out, how I'm going to make him do that when I visit. He's not exactly doing it for himself. Just about have to drag him by the ear. It's kinda cute in it's own bizarre way.

Lust and envy are done, but those were the easy ones. Lust not as much as envy because I didn't want to deal with nudity unless I had to. Having trouble with sloth. Don't know what I'm going to do for the rest. It's impossible to find an angry looking eye that's slightly bigger 150 pixels and I don't want to do it myself.

Picture of the day: caminando en la selva