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God, I'm so drunk

I am so fucking drunk right now. Roz is too. Off of Cysco. Sisco, sysco, cysco. Don't know how it's spelled. Oh god, there are some missionaries that just walked into the library. I hope they don't say anything to me. Fuck. I can't spell worth shit and everything is moving so slow. And it's all so fast at the same time. I can't think for shit. God damn. I'm so drunk. Wonder where layton is. I sent him out with roz but I'm not seeing them when I look out the window. So fucking drunk. Everything is numb. I'll bet everyone can tell. I wanna get more Mikes but johnny isn't here right now. It sucks but whatever. Oh well. Gonna go now. God, I'm so inebriated. Oh, and layton gave me his old kurt shirt. That was pretty nice of him. Speaking of kurt, today is the day he died. Anyway, roz and layton just came in and said that roz's mom is here so I need to go. This is really nice. Hehehe.