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Well, I hope that today will be a good day. Even with the fact that layton crammed a half a million things in into it and isn't getting started until 10. Errrr.... !!!!! It's got me a little freaked out but I'm trying not to worry. As my mom said, I don't want to plan my own day, not today. I suppose the worry is justified though. I mean, birthdays always fucking suck balls, but I've also had a good weekend/week starting for the most part, so I hope (even though I know I don't deserve it) that it continues the way it's been. Yesterday I got a card from my grandparents with 20 dollars and so while I was in kent I spent 10 of it on tetris. Not ds tetris as nice as that would be. Original game boy tetris. :) Because I have very fond memories of playing it with my grandpa when I was much much younger, but I'm too stupid to ask about it now.

On saturday layton and I went to see Silent Hill. AND. I. ENJOYED. IT. After we got out I decided that I am never going to ever get bitchy again anymore about movies based on video games (not that I ever did in the first place) and how the 'story doesn't fit at all' and how 'such and such a thing was so completely wrong' unless it's by uwe boll or is equally as terrible. I'm just going to sit down and enjoy it. Because really, the movie will never live up to the standards that are given to it by the gamers. Just like with books made into movies, can't live up. Overall they will tend to follow along the basic standard of what it's all about, same basic plot and ideas like it should. But unless you want to see the exact same shit you just played, then don't fucking go and piss and moan about it. I know I wouldn't want to see that, it would make for an annoyingly slow and long movie and if I wanted to see the game I just played so bad I would just play it again. And that's not to say that movies can't ever stand up to it, the standards, because they can occasionally, but most won't. And there is no point in complaining. Video games made into movies suck, movies made into video games suck. END OF FUCKING STORY. :) And on that note, I want to see pacman or tetris made into a 1 1/2 to 2 hour movie. That would be so horrible, haha.

After we got done at the theater we walked over to EB Games and I happened to find a copy of the first fire emblem. It was great and I almost had a heart attack when they guy told me all about it. Apparently it had been sitting there for at least a month and he was really surprised that it hadn't been sold sooner since it's so hard to find THEN he told me that it had been mislabeled price-wise. Should have been labeled for 20 dollars or so but instead it was 17, so I was able to get it for under 20, barely. The guy jokingly said it must have been waiting for me after I told him how long I'd been searching for it. <3 <3 <3 Warm and fuzzy feelings.

I was jokingly thinking earlier about taking the 10 that I have left and walking up to top foods to buy myself some bum wine right after midnight, just to give the cashiers shit. Boones farm crap. Gives terrible evil hangovers but it gets me drunk fairly quick and I can actually stand the taste unlike most wine. I'm going to wait though so that I can go to the liquor store when it opens in the morning and get some uv red. This is going to be so weird, and I don't know if I like the idea. Was also thinking that I should buy a hat that says happy birthday on it and wear it around. See how many comments I would get over it.

Picture of the day: Tree Frog

*edit* Oh shit. I was just fucking joking about pacman. PLEASE GOD NO, TELL ME THAT'S A JOKE!!!! I think I'm gonna be sick. HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU MORONS BE MAKING PACMAN INTO A GOD DAMN MOVIE?!?!?!? ARE YOU ALL HIGH??? YOU CAN'T DO THAT, IT DOESN'T WORK! Game over man. I'm locking myself in my room for the rest of my life and you can't tear me out for anything. This world is even more insane and disturbed than I am. And let's make that never from earlier a halfway to never. I'm going to have nightmares now thanks to you fuckheads.