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Do I know you?

Ok, so this is really retarded that I have to do this but apparently I have to put up some rules for people who know me and call my cell phone. I get enough strangers calling that it's really hard to identify when it's someone I know.

1. Unless I have your number programmed into my phone I am not going to know you when you're calling. When I answer please say "Hello, this is *insert name here*," and THEN "Is carrie there?" Not just, "Hey, is carrie there."

I mean, that's just common fucking sense right there. Your mother should have taught you to that. Not to mention that because it's on a cell phone, mine no less which is half broken, I'm not going to recognize your voice like I would a regular phone or IRL. If you're a guy you're probably going to sound like about half of my ex's (like allen) who shouldn't have my cell # but seem to anyway, and so then even if you DO have the right number and I DO know you I'm not going to give a fuck due to the fact that I don't recognize your voice and because you failed to let me know who it is, and am probably going to tell you otherwise. I get twice as many random calls as I do ones that were intended to get to me. If you don't care enough to let me know who it is, I won't care enough to ask.

2. If you're calling before noon and you're an unidentified person, then I'm twice as likely to not give a fuck if I don't know who you are. AGAIN, please identify yourself.

I am never up before noon unless I already have something planned and it's very rare when I do. Especially with this insomnia that I've been having. If you plan on calling me before then expect that I will probably be fairly incoherant and irritated (if not downright pissed) at you for doing that and I will only give half the fuck (at most) I would normally. I need my sleep. If it's before 10... I'll kill you.

3. This is REALLY stupid, but don't hang up until you get my voicemail.

Like I said, stupid, but I'm forced to say it anyway.

IN ENDING - To whomever the people were that called today, at 8 and at 11:30 both times when I was sleeping, sorry, try back later. And I'm just assuming that these calls were somewhat intentional and not random.

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