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Yeah, so I remembered. Yay me. I'm currently down at the library waiting for my time on the computer to run out. It's really fucking boring. Can't do anything that I would want to. I don't know if I care though. I just keep thinking that I should have charged my camera batteries a long time ago so I could have brought my camera with. Keep meaning to for when I got out like this and am going to be walking home. I really want to take pictures of that trail. It's so green and the lower swamp parts of it remind me of a green sea or something. It's pretty. ^_^

Was sitting down earlier today drinking some black tea and thinking. Nothing affects me right. Anything with caffeine actually gets me high and calms me to the point where I can actually sit still. Like drugs should... or something. :| Don't know if that's a good thing or bad. Anyway, I was sitting thinking about how much I have come to be disgusted by just about anyone of the opposite sex. Kinda wondering how it happened and why it's gotten so vicious. Was also thinking about how much I've changed in general. I'm still a angry and depressed drama queen, but it's gotten beyond that. Not as severe. Hard to explain other than I've mellowed out a lot and I don't think about half the stuff I used to. I've gotten though that impossible door. It feels... odd. I never thought that I would ever be able to feel like this.

I can't wait for this appointment to be over. I can take the 150 up to the bottom of the hill and walk home. Go exploring a little bit. It will be fun, assuming no assholes. A little rain would be nice. Sun needs to go away.

Glad I didn't forget my appointment again. I'm afraid I won't know what to do after this though. What to do and where to go. Scary. And I gots no support...

Picture of the day: .Happy Easter.