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Apr. 11th, 2006

2 more weeks and... HOLY SHIT I CAN'T FORGET TO REFILL MY BC FOR THE LAST TIME TOMORROW. Goddammit. Keeps slipping in and out of my head and I can't forget about that. Nonono. Would be most evil of me if I did. DAMN YOU ALL!!!

Went over to james' and watched his first disk of excel saga and enjoyed it immensely. When I had to go he walked with me up to the bridge going over the green river since layton was working overtime. Was really nice of him since I wasn't in the mood to have half a million guys stopping or doing shit over what I was wearing at the time as I know they are so prone to. Why do men always think with their lower head instead of the one with the brain inside?

And I now have to go on a huge fooly cooly trip. GODDAMMIT! I WANTS ME FLCL!!!!!!!!!

Picture of the day: FLCL desktop