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So, after almost 21 years I have come to the conclusion that 99.8% of all straight, non-religious, males on the face of this planet have only one of two goals in mind. Making money and/or getting his dick sucked. And it's not a very plesant thought, but hey, I really don't give a shit. I am after all only borderline-fucking-dyke because of that. There are NO guys out there who are anything other than insensitive jerks who care for anyone but themselves. Money and fucking. Heh. What a joke. You're all so interested in me until you find out that I won't give you either, then I'm the last thing on your mind. Well guess what, you weren't even on my mind when I first looked at you, let alone the last. So I guess that means that the joke is on you.

If you want to use your dick
As your little weapon
Maybe I'll just get my gun
And use it as a dick
Shove the barrel in your mouth
Mechanized erection
Blow my load all down your throat
With my 12 gauge-pump-slug-spitting-prick