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Biting my nails... I think that's bad.

I'm very anxious right now and I'm trying not to get upset but it's very hard. I'm going crazy with everything that has gone wrong today. Missed seeing jane because I couldn't find half of my stuff. Most of it eventually turned up except for the most important thing. My wallet. My wallet that has 60 dollars, my id and my gamestop card in it. The same wallet that I used yesterday and didn't have strapped to my ass as it normally is. So I'm fucked up right now. Ohhhh... I feel so terrible inside. Wish I could get out of the house, but I don't know if that would help or not. :\ Layton isn't exactly helping either. I mean, he helped look a lot, but now he's insisting on taking me to the dmv on saturday and that's scary. I wish I weren't so absent minded. Hate it. Hate me for it.

Ohhh.... panic attack.

Picture of the day: I Try not to Cry