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Smile dammit.

Layton totally broke his glasses. Dunno what to do about it now. He still has to work, and he can't work without them.

Normally my dreams don't have any meaning, but this one was plain as daylight. What it was saying. The other night I had a dream about the green river. It was about the day it was all flooded and I had my cd player and camera with me, was taking pictures of it. Brown and rushing swirlyness in the park. Got to close to the edge and the clay collapsed under me and I went in. Couldn't get out, or rather, was having problems getting out. I was being sucked towards the center of it and no matter how hard I struggled nothing seemed to be working to get me out. Think one of my initial first thoughts was something along the lines of 'fuck now my camera (and cd player) were ruined.' Then I started wondering how I was going to get out of this, if I was ever going to be able to get back home and if anyone would miss me.

I'm trying so fucking hard to be happy. I'm really trying, I swear. But everything just hurts so much.

Picture of the day:  The american dream

Maybe it was the fog I avoided
When I stayed in all day
Maybe it was my will that was broken
When I couldn't come out and play

I took my tea in the vinyard
When you went away

Pour it slow
Contemplate a deeper meaning
Maybe just for show
You always liked to play with my feelings

I took a walk in your backyard
When you went away

Perfect day
Sky sure looks blue from here
Guess I'll go
Neither of us in the mood for tears

I took a walk in your backyard
I took a walk in your graveyard
When you went away