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I... really don't know what to say about today. Got drunk like I'm not supposed to, I have no self control. Nada. Jack shit. It's ok though because it didn't affect me badly. And I needed it anyway, was having a fucking spaz attack. Layton was half in one too. Some fucking idiots were stalking us around everywhere in the mall, and outside it too. And like he said, one or two stores might have been a coincidence, but it wasn't 1 or 2, it was all of them. Best buy, two gamestops, suncoast (which is going out of business btw), and waldenbooks. THEN they followed us to the bus stop. That's about when I lost it. 4 guys, all high school 'bad-ass goths.' Wanted to kick the shit out of the fuckers. Layton and I were half listening to their conversation. It was mostly him, but I heard bits and pieces. At a couple points they tried to talk to roz. And called her rose. Everyone who thinks that they know her when they really don't, always do that. Stupid fucks, ugh, rage attack.

They were going on and on about satan and summoning the devil with the necronomicion. And how 'they had his back because it was 4 of them and one of him,' whoever him was. When I heard one say heil hitler I fucking blew up and was rather loud about it. Made a very loud comment about how I wanted to kick someone in the balls. Anyone really. It's fucking idiots like that that give people like us a bad name. Had to try so hard not to be cute and get up to 'bump' one of them in front of a car on accident. They were right on the fucking curb of the the street so it wouldn't have been too hard. Just a *bump* 'whoops!' *thump*. Was shaking and wanted to scream at them if they wanted to see a fucking demon then all they had to do was ask and I would happily dispatch them to the maker for processing. Fucks were probably animal killers. One had his arms covered in really heavy burn scars from his elbows on down. And while it's probably not funny, I made cracks to roz on the bus about how it was probably from one of their stupid satanic rituals gone wrong. And it didn't stop with the 150 bus either. Nope, when we all got off, they got on the 169 with us. Yup. That was fucking great. Layton started spazzing out then, it's a really good thing that they didn't get off when we did because I'm pretty sure he was ready to kick the shit out of each and every one of them. I just tried to calm down by listening to my cd player. Worked for a little bit. Till I got drunk anyway.

Funny thing about me and drunk. I find that it's easier when I'm using a straw. Don't know why, but if you want me to get drunk, gimmie a damn straw. I don't care what it is or how cheesy it looks. Just gimmie.

I got roz perfect dark for the 64 for her birfday. Layton got her the 1st GITS book and some other weird stuff... can't remember what exactly. I just know that he couldn't get her the first GITS movie because no one had it, and he couldn't get her the cd player either, because once again, no one had it. Saw the libertine. It was different. I think I like it... but I'm not sure because it was so odd. I've never seen a movie like that one before.

And we got drunk, or I did anyway (cuz I had a straw! roz and layton stayed sober), walked into target and got a copy of the girl interrupted movie and sunscreen SPF 60, ran into tess, dicked around in top foods, saw kelsey and joe and then got picked up and taken home by my mom because she saw us. Rather late at night. Around 10:15. I thought she was going to be in bed asleep by that time, but nope. Lucky me. Probably a good thing... fate has an odd way about her...

Layton got me some fish from top foods.  And happily, I can't kill these ones.  But the tank leaks when I tip it.

Picture of the day: What

PS. Before I forget again, ROZ IS LEGAL TOMORROW!

PPS. The thing with the ds and layton talking from a couple nights ago happened. I think it's kinda sad and speaks badly of me.