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GOD DAMN IT, I hate waiting.

*sigh* Even these saved drafts can't help... fucking aol AND lj. If the lj part would just save more often and when I need it to. DAMN YOU ALL, YOU FUCKING SUCK! Have to do it all over again, thank you much.

Kinda depressed right now. Don't really know why. Think it's over talking to layton about DS's earlier...

A few days ago I made my mom sit down and play trace memory. She's enjoying it and it's cool. :) She gets stuck and I have to help her, she apologized for it earlier, but I don't mind. I've been through it before so I know what's supposed to be done and she likes it. I'm so glad layton got it for me even though I was iffy about it. I love games like that, but they usually only work on a computer. Tried to play one on the ps once and it just wasn't working for me. It was so easy to skip over things when you weren't missing them completely. With the ds though, that's a whole different deal because you can just touch it... It's awesomeness. I just hate how short they made Trace Memory. I mean, it's nice because I was actually able to finish it... but being able to finish it in under 5 hours... not so great. Whatever, it's still cool and I hope that nintendo makes more like that for the DS.

Oh, and here's an odd thought... why are most chicks who are named ashley such huge fucking bitches?

Need to remember to charge my camera batteries. Going out with layton and roz saturday. See a movie and get her a birthday gift as I don't think we'll see her sunday, when her birthday really is.

Think since layton is gone I'm just going to take a shower and go to my room. I have no real reason to be online right now other than to do this and it's too fucking cold down here anyway. At least upstairs I have a heater. Our house is broken again. This time it's not our fault though. It's the fucking oil company's. Their computer is broken and we ran out. So our house is going to be fucking freezing until tomorrow around 5 or so. And that sucks. So I guess I'll just go upstairs and play RE, assuming I can find my games. If not it'll be zelda. Woohoo.

Picture of the day: Late Autumn Rose


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Mar. 10th, 2006 04:40 pm (UTC)
thank you for thinking of me. :) you're nice like that. btw, got you 2 birthday things, even though your birthday isn't until april 25th.

and you're right about the Ashley thing. Bitches!
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