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And the quiz thingies are just for s&g

Oh this is very exciting for me. I've been able to find out more about demons in the past 24 hours than I have in the past 3 years, and so far none of it is role-play or other such bullshit. The rping is where most of my problems have lain in past searches. I guess it just took looking up the right set of keywords. Yay! ^_^ And what's more exciting is that it all fits very well. It's so great to know when the skin you feel fits, fits for sure. To be able to say that yeah, that's me, that's who I am. I feel all fuzzy and happy inside now.

It's very hard to find anything on demons and angels in the way of information because they are so rare to find that not very many people who know they are like to open up about it. A lot of the time they may even mistake, or be mistaken, as something else like a vampire or were. And seldom are any two demons alike in origin so it can make for a very touchy subject. I can get why, and I think beyond this, unless someone happens to ask, I don't think I'll much be talking about it either. It's a very hard subject but I'm just so glad to be learning. And I would love it if I could meet another of my kind but I don't expect I ever will and I'm fine with that.

Oh, and I don't think I'm going to be drinking much, hopefully not at all, for awhile. It's gotten a little bit nuts for me. Like if I keep this up at the rate I've been going I'll end up an alcoholic of the worst kind, and I don't want that. So I'm *hopefully* stopping. I'm not sure how behind me layton is on this. He was being kinda short on the phone with me yesterday evening when I was trying to talk to him about it. I think I'll be good though if I can just control myself. No alcoholism for meh.

Picture of the day: Fading_Away

You scored as Otherkin. You are Otherkin. You identify with otherworldy beings and feel you are truly something other than human. You are only biding your time here until you can return to where you truly belong. You seek others who share your yearnings and spend your time commiserating with those you like and mocking the ones you don't.




White Lighter


True Alternative




Aimless Eclectic








What Subversive Alternative Paradigm Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com

You scored as Demon. Demon: Darkness is your sanctuary. Demons are many and are all different in appearence and rank. The most common are the ones that feed off of human souls. They love to make someone fall into their inner darkness. Blood, wrath, murder... You name it they love it. These beings don't care who you are, if they set their sights on you, let's just hope you know a good excorist. They kill any love within you and pull you toward their side. By any means possible. You wish for chaos and hate, you are the Demon.














What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)
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