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Spork anyone?

Mmmm, fun stuff. I need to get more cd-r's. I've been spending a lot of yesterday and today downloading music. Albums that you can apparently only find online. Yesterday I was able to get Black Tape for a Blue Girl's, Live Bootleg. Very hard for me to do with this connection... It's been nice because I've found some things that I have never heard before and I think I'll enjoy. Like Flesh Eating Foundation and possibly Sinusoide. As far as I can tell FEF's some good stuff, all I really got to listen to so far was Nightmares Before Christmas. One of the places on their site links to where you can download albums so I'm working on just one of theirs. Want layton to listen to it and tell me what he thinks.

I'm not able to do much more than that, sit in front of my computer and download stuff (even though I'm not supposed to, shhh don't tell). I hurt too much. Mom tried to give me more fish oil, different flavor this time, and I pretty much had the same reaction. Only an hour later I feel like I'm going to fall out of my chair. I hurt. Bad pains in my abdomen. $+|_||*1[) |=|_|(|<1|\|6 |*3|210[), 1 |-|@+3 `/0|_|. I wanna be sick. :'(

That reminds me... My roots are showing. Should dye them...

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