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Forget to remember. Remember to forget.

I don't know what the point in me being online right now is. Except out of habit. Habits die hard.

Two days getting drunk. Today not so good of a day to do it as yesterday, but it was ok I guess. Roz called around 4ish or so. So it was tess, roz, layton and I from 5 to about 9. No matt. He stayed home to play video games or something, and no one is allowed to drink over there anymore because one of his dumb-ass friends didn't have enough common sense to go throw up in the bathroom which was something like 20 feet away, or on something that was tile where it could be easily cleaned. Because all of matt's friends are fucking morons.

Anyway, we all got drunk, and as usual I was probably the most sober person in the end. I'll get halfway there and then I start to sober up and no matter how much I drink after I start to sober I won't get any more intoxicated. So I don't end up staying drunk for very long. While I was probably about as gone as I was going to get for the night the topic of schizophrenia came up. I mentioned how if I ever get diagnosed with that I will kill myself, no questions asked. I upset layton pretty bad when I said that because he asked me if I would take them for him and I said no. Because with as much as he gives me, and as much as I love him, he's not given me what I need to survive through something like that, and he knows what I need. Asked if he would if I ever was forced to and he never did answer, just shied away as always. So I can't do what no one else can either. Sucks for everyone involved but whatever. :)

After all that we ended up going up to top foods to get some food. Layton got ribs and some fortune cookies. We all had fun laughing at the fortunes in them. It's all bullshit for the most part, but they're still fun to read.

Right now I want something noodley but I don't think we have anything in the house and I don't want to look. I just want to go to bed. My insides feel bad.

Picture of the day: Chasm