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Something is wrong. Fuck doctors. I hate them. They never know anything. The ranitidine she gave me only half works. I still feel sick in the morning. My sleep is really shitty. Spend most of my night tossing and turning. Hot and cold flashes during the day... it feels so odd. Like I'm burning up inside, but on the outside I'm ice cold. And my eyes feel funny. But I have to wait until february before my insurance for new glasses becomes active again. FUCK YOU STUPID ASSHOLES.

And it's all stressing me the fuck out. I have so many physical problems and no one can figure out where they're coming from so they probably all think I'm a liar. But I'm not. Why would I want to? I want to be all happy and as normal as it's possible for someone to be. But I'm not so apparently I'm not so that makes me a liar. Because of all those fucking assholes out there who think it's cool to have issues. Bitches. Nothing pisses me off more than those people who fake having problems for attention. It takes away from those who really do and need help.

I told layton I was emo once, as a half joke. He freaked out. It was kinda funny. Because I am emo. :) EMOtional. Only I don't listen to that crap, whatever it is 'emo' people listen to. I prefer darkwave meself. But I have the glasses!!!

Picture for today: Severia