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Ok so let's see... 64, gamecube, DS, GB SP, X-box, PSP, PS 1... and I think right now that's it, not including layton's PS 2, but only because it's not living in my home, it's living with him. God damn it, it's not enough. *grumbles* And finley and I are at war over who gets to buy the x-box when my parents get something new. I fucking hate the x-box with a passion, but I have to get it just so I can say I have it. ^_^' Maybe I should just let my brother have it and wait until I can just buy one of my own. No fucking way I would ever get a 360 though, microsoft fucked up terribly on that one. Finley and I are also warring over who's buying the revolution when it comes out. Hahaha. And he hates the controllers. I'm gonna kick his butt when it comes to getting that one.

LAYTON STOP SPENDING YOUR FUCKING MONEY. Jesus fucking christ. I love the coat and all, you know I do, but how the hell do you expect to be able to get your own life if you keep spending it all?

I had a really difficult and tiring day. It just drained me. Think I should go to bed. I'm so out of it I'm surprised I'm still up and running. Or if I do nothing else, at least take the GC back upstairs and start my RE game over. Either way, sleep or game, I still need to take that thing back upstairs.

I think the best way to put my day is how miss Blueblack has it in her journal.

sometimes strange things happens...
even Gods can envy people...
and then suffer... together

Picture for yesterday: McMorbid - Heavy Sword