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current mood is unknown

Still pissed off at the internet. Wanna go complain but I know that would get me nowhere. Oh well. Is it possible to not know what sort of a mood you're in? I sure as hell don't. It's like I'm pissed off highly (as is always with me), amused, happy, REALLY depressed, extremely energetic and dead tired all at the same time among many many other things. I don't get it. Eh, whatever. I'm just having add issues. I really need to learn to turn in my library stuff on time. Checked out a cd and it was due the 30th. Tried to renew it but some other bastard has it on hold so I can't. Blech. Was gonna give it to layton so he could turn it in for me today but I forgot. I need to exercize my brain more. It sucks how peanut like it is. Been thinking about starting another live journal. Need a place to put all my abstract stuff so I don't end up cluttering my regular one. Lyrics to songs, news articles, emails worth keeping (like the one about kids being tortured as witches), stuff like that. Seems like the best option because I would just have to link it if I wanted. Yeah... whatever. Ooo, and mom can't get mad at me for using the word bitch(es) anymore. I found it on the dogfood bag. Pregnant bitches and lactating bitches. So yeah, she can't get mad at me for saying that because she buys the dog food and the food endorses the use of that word. :) Ok, now I'm just being stupid. I just don't know why people concider calling someone a donkey or a female dog to be swearing. Yes, I know, there are more than just those meanings behind those words. I'm just saying.