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Fucking hell.

Hahaha. Not only is it friday the 13th but there is a full moon out too, even though you can't see it. Spiffing. :D

I'm dealing with so much shit today. LJ just froze my account because they think that my 9 letter password is unacceptable. So I got to change it to a 6 number password where the first 4 numbers are 2 same, 2 same. The same password that they found to be unacceptable when I first started this thing. So I have to wonder when they're going to freeze it again.

Oh and I'm doing some hard core PMSing, without the m part. Skipped it this month otherwise you would be able to include it in. Short temper. Bad me.

I'm going to go get smashed with layton when he gets here. Hopefully put myself in somewhat of a better mood. HURRY UP LAYTON!