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You know, I've always loved those people who go to see a movie only to talk all the way through it. I mean, they're so AWESOME. I can understand if it's really shitty... but fuck, SHUT THE FUCK UP ASSHOLES.

So my day pretty much sucked up until the end of it. I woke up, had to rush out of the house, was being bugged by my brother and mom during the between time, got to the theater and found out the movie wasn't going to be playing for about 95 minutes at which point I realized I had forgotten my gameboy in the jeep. Finley was using my ds for the day. Fun fun. So I had to call up mom because I didn't feel like rushing across a highway full of cars, in the rain which had just started no less, to get to walmart where she was pants shopping for finley. And I wasn't exactly dressed for rain, was sunny earlier. Fucking walmart. She told me that she would call me back when she got done. So we went to wander around in the supermall until then. That wasn't so bad. Eventually ended up in black market minerals. I love it in there. Gives me sort of a head rush.

So then mom called and we went out to the front of sams club to wait so I could get my stuff. On our walk out there some bitch made a totally retarded and completely redundant comment about how since we had an umbrella we could have moved towards the center of the walk instead of walking next to the curb. Like the curb was protecting her from the rain. Yeah, two inches of concrete coming up out of the ground are so going to keep the rain that is falling out of an open sky from hitting you and making you wet. The ingenuity of some people just astounds me. Like the lady who yelled at me to get off my phone and walk. YOU FUCKING MORONS. I want to stab you all with sharp plastic pieces of broken cd's and the rusty metal spork I found when camping once.

Anyway, so that period was fine. Then we went to the movie and I could tell that it was going to be terrible the moment a group of chicks walked in, practically shrieking about this and that. Surprisingly though, it wasn't them that the problem was with. It was two guys who decided to sit directly behind layton and I. They just wouldn't shut up. It was all, 'oh don't go back for the girl stupid!' and 'man why did he have to do that?' and 'OHHHHHHH!!!!!' I just wanted to turn around and smack both of them or at least tell them to shut the fuck up because they were ruining it all, but I politely refrained. They weren't even keeping their voices down to a lower level. I can understand doing that if it's a terrible movie (like bolls movies) or if you're at home but... actually there is no but, just do it at home. I wish they would have been sitting in front of me so I could have kicked the back of their chairs. More plastic cd pieces and rusty sporks people. I suppose they were only mouthing off so much as to hide their discomfort at what they were seeing. And that movie was rather strange anyway. It seemed to be more about the guys trying to get laid versus all the blood and gore that was expected. But it was still really really bloody and cool once you got past all the sex stuff. ^_^ The part where they ran over the three was the best.

After that all got done with we went to catch the bus, after getting some stuff from the gas station, and missed it. All because there was no bus stop anywhere near where we were at the time. Should have been but there wasn't. And at that point was when everything started to hit me. Got a god awful headache and I just wanted to go home. And that just wasn't going to happen. So we waited for another half an hour for the bus to come. And then it came and 3 busses later we had made it to kent and up to km.

My day got a little bit better after that. Went to the goodwill and got a pair of pants for layton and a crapload of stuff for myself because he can't say no to me, even when I don't say anything at all.

Picture of the day: Extrusion