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Computer reformatting sucks

Yeah, right now my mum is reformatting the computer so I'm currently being forced to use her laptop. It sucks for the sheer fact that I can't use aim while I'm on it and that's pretty much the only way I'm really able to talk to layton. *sigh* Yeah. I wanted her to do it around 3 or so, maybe even 6, but instead she waited till 9. Only god knows how long it will take to get this stupid computer fixed. Heh, hopefully this time no one in our immediate family will die this time thus causing it to be prolonged further than nessecary. Ok, so that's not a nice thing to say, makes me sound slightly heartless, but that really bugged me that the day the computer decided to go ray did too. I mean, couldn't one have waited? I guess what really bothered me was the fact that I really needed someone to talk to when I found it all out. God, and I really need to stop thinking about that right now. Depressing stuff. It sucks. This sucks. Life sucks. Everything sucks. Well, almost everything. Drinking doesn't suck, sex doesn't either. Man, I should probably shut up now. I'm just so bored... Blah.


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Mar. 31st, 2004 01:18 am (UTC)
but hopefully your computer will be running much better when you can get back on it.
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