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Oh the ironies of life.

Well, what shall I do with the rest of my night? Everyone has gone to be except for myself, so I am no longer on AIM, as I am the only person I know who is up at these odd hours of the night. Something that comes with not having a life.

I'm very annoyed and sarcastic tonight. I don't want to talk to anyone and I'm glad that I don't have to anymore (not that I really was in the first place). Was happy earlier, when layton was here, but then he left and my mood just went down and down. Seems to do that a lot. It's like I'm obligated to feel happy around people, but as soon as they leave... Whatever. I'm just fucking PMSing. And the fact that I haven't really slept much over the past week isn't helping either. I can't get any sleep. Even on my meds. I just get sedated enough that I don't want to move, it never fully knocks me out. Too cold and I've been too sick. I end up shivering the night away in sort of a half doze. Add in massive amounts of physical pain; like when I had that cyst that exploded and ended up in the hospital screaming about how I was dying and the doctors couldn't figure out what the fuck was wrong with me, only not quite that painful; and lots of little annoyances on top of that and you've got soup. It's wonderful and I want to beat someone's brains out because of it. Peaches fucking keen. Can I cut out my ovaries yet?

You know... some peaches would be nice about now.

Picture of the day: John Lennon