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Dec. 14th, 2005

AUGH GOD! IT FUCKING HURTS. Don't want to move but I have to. I don't have enough to distract me from the pain. I mean, as long as I can keep everything from my midsection down from moving then I don't really feel anything, well, other than a really heavy pressure. God I hate being a girl.

Layton is being frustrating and making me want to scream. He won't get a god damn car, and he won't move out. Today I was asking him if he wants to go look at apartments sometime... Nope, he would rather be mobile. So I go back to asking if he wants to go look for a car... Nope, it has to be a fucking boat that costs more than your life insurance (79 lincoln). I hate those cars. I really do. They annoy the fuck out of me. And they're so damn ugly. It's slightly ironic too, layton used to hate them as well. Then him and jim (the black guy with the broken ankle that's never getting fixed) got to talking about them and all of the sudden *poof* layton likes them. He wants to get a car, ok that's doable, it needs to be older so he can get lower insurance, also doable, and it also needs to have LOW GAS MILEAGE (imo). Nope, not doable. Because every fucking car that he comes across isn't good enough. There is one right down the fucking street that is being sold for 650. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so because he is dead set on that boat. Goddammit. Anyway, so it's back to the apartment, and then to the car, apartment, car, apartment, car... an endless vicious cycle which will never end it seems. I would like it if he would just get an apartment, he can get one on the 150 line so he can get to and from work just fine, so he can get away from his family. They're poison, and the reason I flipped out the other day. His grandma is a fucking nutcase and the worst. Called him greedy and accusing me of corrupting him and saying that she hates me because of it. I MET YOU ONCE YOU FUCKING JESUS FREAK. Bitch. I should give her a fucking reason to hate me.

Picture of the day: Take One.