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Oh... My... God...

That's all I can say. Fuck. I've just come across a new band from tokyo that I am in love with. They're called Dope Stars Inc. I value my music above all else, well, almost all. There's only one thing I can probably say I value more... but I'm not going there. Anyway, I downloaded one of their songs, I'm overdriven I do believe it was, and I must say, it was totally worth it and I'm so glad I didn't delete the email they came in.

"Young loud and synthetized,  That's dope stars inc., a brand-new, dirty, vicious drug made of neon lights and Tokyo debauchery.  You have been warned.  A storming melting-pot of industrial overloads, R'n'R razor shaped guitars, goth decadence, fast and furious punk attitude, pop melodies and a techno hammerbeats.  A new breed of overdriven electrodandies is born.  Fuck yeah."