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Mmmm wine...

Ugh. Damn cheap wine. Damn it all to hell. Didn't taste bad but I woke up this morning with a hangover from hell. It sucked lots and lots. Layton and I went out last night, or this morning to be more accurate, midnight. Layton came up with the idea since I didn't see him yesterday and today. So we went out, met up at top foods, and he bought 3 bottles of wine. We had one each and I ended up taking the last one home. We went to drink in a recently abandoned house that the stupid construction people are working on tearing down. It was cold and fun. Found a stuffed monkey just sitting inside their front door, it's all dirty and needs washed. They have tons of books in the garage too. I had lots of fun going through them, or what ones I could see. It's kinda hard to read even as little as titles when it's all dark out. Just street lights. That was just barely enough. Anyway, we mostly hung out in the garage because I was having so much fun going through their stuff. Layton sat in an easy chair while I did my thing.

Right now I'm washing the monkey. I hope to be able to punk him out later. Don't do that with enough of my stuffed things. As far as I can tell he has no holes or other disfiguring marks on him. Just really, really dirty.

Picture of the day: darkstairs