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Ack. Been a few days, meaning to and just haven't. Would have saturday but layton brought roz over at 11. That was a weird surprise. He happened to see her at the bus stop, getting off the bus he was getting on or something, so he decided to hang out with her and they both ended up back at my house. Tess wasn't home, up in canada and she didn't want to get caught in a lie by her mom. So it was off to my house with them. Whatever. Not like it really matters, ANYWAY...

Saturday was weird, just overall weirdness, and not all bad. I was still mad at layton over the night before because he is an insensitive jerk and I don't like it. He thinks that he can just shut off all his emotions at whim and not feel shit. I disagree and my opinion on it, when he does that is that, is if I wanted to be dating a fuckhead who did that I would go back to allen. But I don't, so I don't. And right now, layton isn't much better in that aspect. In fact it seems to only be getting worse. And I don't get it. It's like he's trying to protect himself from something, but only god would know what it was. He has nothing to 'protect himself' from. Never had anything bad happen and I'm the only person he's been in a real relationship with. Maybe he's trying to protect himself from me? There's a nice thought. Anyway, point being he was doing his stupid thing, pretending to be a robot, and it upset me a lot. SO I was still slightly mad at him the next day when I met up with him at the library. And I must have upset him pretty badly with what I said to him because when I walked up behind him sitting at one of the computers he grabbed my waist in a hug that almost pulled me over. Weird.

We went up to the southcenter best buy, layton had incentive as he calls it. An excuse for him to buy stuff for himself, something he doesn't do nearly enough. Problem though, he always ends up buying something for me as well. This time he bought Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Special Edition, which isn't gits2 at all, but is instead a music video thing and a soundtrack for the movie. Didn't realize that until I got it home though. I'm really happy with it, almost happier than if I had gotten the movie. I've burned a copy of the soundtrack so that I can put it in my cd case, use it and not have it get all scratched to fuck and back. Much awesomeness in happy mistakes. He also got me Super Mario 64 DS. That made me cringe inside when I saw him doing that. He didn't want me to see him doing it but I did. I saw it sitting in back of his head, him contemplating it and then I saw him bolt when he thought I wasn't paying attention. Must say, he has a very nice game face. Suppose it comes from his want to be emotionless. Layton has taught me not to argue with him when he pulls crap like that. I won't win. I can take it away and put it back, but he'll just grab it again. So I instead get to sigh in resignment and get over it. Really wish he had gotten a game for himself instead of for me, but he didn't. They don't really seem to have shit in the way of games for that PSP though from what I've seen. Nothing that really interests anyway. I've seen a total of 4 so far that catch my eye, and he's seen around 2 that catch his. One he has, and the other one (I squeed when I saw it) was up at the super mall. Speaking of malls, I still have to visit that new one in kent, see what it has to offer.

Oh boy. I think all that right there has just burnt out my brain. That's so terrible. Didn't have to see jane today. She called in sick. My mom woke me up at 9 in the morning to tell me. Actually she didn't tell me, she just handed me the phone. But she still woke me up. I was having a slightly bad dream. One part had something to do with spiders and it freaked me out. Can't remember any of it now though. Just how it made me feel.

If I can snap out of this burnout I'll probably put more down later.

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