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I've been looking up getting a soft tip stylus for my ds. They're expensive as all fuck and it's not making me very happy. I can't find one that would come to less than $15 with shipping included. I have a habit of pushing way too hard on the touch screen, my body tenses up really bad when I'm playing games, without even thinking about it and I'm afraid of scratching the screen up horribly. And in my search I accidentally happened to come across this...

RABicle - Sometimes when I boot my DS up it doens't realise that I have a GBA game inserted. I jsut restart it and it's little hassle but it is a problem nevertheless.

And does tearing through the touch screen with an offical stylus count?
Tony_Montana - That's probably more of a self control issue you should see someone about.
Freakylime - ...Like Anger Management classes >_>
RABicle - No seriously I didn't even press it hard. It just tore right through the first layer making a horrible screeching sound. It was like my soul broke. I mean pixels are now distorted.

I almost started crying when I saw that. It's such a scary idea and if that ever happened to me I would probably get very sick. That makes my fear of scratching it turn into a fear that I'm going to tear through the screen.

Finley and riley are currently watching charlie and the chocolate factory. They have both just now come to the conclusion that the movie is really good. Well duh, that's a no brainer right there.

Picture of the day: Crossing Boundaries