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Mar. 28th, 2004

I've been writing again.  Another short story that I'm probably never gonna finish.  I'm posting it in my journal so that maybe it'll give me a reason to get a little further on it.  Not putting this entry on private is just a little fucking scary for me.  I don't like people to read my writings because I can't write.  I really can't but I am anyway and I'm sitting here panicking inside.  I suppose one wouldn't be able to see it if one was looking upon my face.  God this is so scary for me...  I wish I had a nice bottle of vodka right now... some absolut would be nice.  *sigh*  But anyway, this is all that I have written for now.  Doesn't make much sense but whatever.

They called her the lover of eternity.  No one really knew where the name originated and who had first started calling her that.  It was just something that had always been and probably always would be.  Her real name was Bonnie but no one knew that.  In fact it had been so long since anyone had called her by her real name that she had all but forgotten what it was herself.  When they asked for it she just smiled and nodded with all the knowledge that had ever been granted to a being of her kind.  Her past was distant and her future forever.  Her lover was eternity.

"Lover," they called out, "Lover of Eternity, come out today, come tell us our fortunes."  Bonnie rolled over in her bed, her satin sheets slipping across her skin like silken water.  They were only joking about fortune telling, she was almost always mute, other than perhaps a simple yes or no, unless something important was needed to be said.  They knew that.  Don't believe anyone who tells you she can't though.  That would be a lie.  She has the gift of sight laying in her inner eye.  It's always there, she just refused to use it for profit when she chose to use it at all.

Smiling to herself still in a semi sleepy state she sat up and slid to the side of her bed until her feet touched the cold glass floor. Grabbing her thick cotton robe she got up and glided to the window to stare out onto the lawn and to see her visitors.  "Lover come out!"  They called to her once more after they had seen her in the window.  Bonnie just smiled and raised her hand in greeting before turning away.  Yes, she would be out today. 

Her room, her bedroom, was covered in mirrors and very sparse other than her bed, a writing desk and her dresser in the corner.  Wall to wall, ceiling and floor.  Mirrors everywhere.  Sometimes she would just lay in bed staring into one looking off into forever wondering how long it had been and when her time would be.