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PVC and cold don't mix

Well I had a very weird night last night, didn't end until 5. It was very stressful for layton and roz (and somewhat for myself as well, but not to the same extent) so we all ended up and going out to drink after. And yes, I do realize that roz isn't supposed to be drinking but everyone was so tired and worn out from the events that happened that we just said fuck it for the night. Just wanted to go out and goof off, so we did. Roz and I both had 3 mikes each and layton bought himself 3 beers, I forget how many ounces but they were fairly large. He wanted to get 40's but safeway was closed so he had to go to qfc instead. I sat down with roz in front of a bank facing the road. Some guys were passing by in their car and started yelling out the window at us. It was really strange. Roz says they were barking and I heard one of them yell you chicks are pussies. Didn't get much else of what they were yelling. I can only hope that it was a really bad pun towards my ears. ^..^ I was wearing them around though I'm not really sure how noticable they would have been from the road. Meh.

We went out next to the railroad tracks behind a boxcar. One of the back streets. The only reason we got there in the first place was because we walked down the wrong road and I noticed that it was very dark and away from people. We goofed off and ended up throwing all the empty bottles at the one train that went by. I think I thought of it first but layton got the first bottle thrown. It felt like, to me, if I had been a cartoon character, you would have seen a light bulb light up above my head. The last bottle ended up turning into a lesson on how to throw bottles curtesy of layton. It was funny.

And yeah, everyone had a stressful day. Roz went up to seattle expecting to see someone to no avail, layton almost lost his debit card and I got into an argument with some dumb-as-rocks mom because of it. She accused him of running into her stupid child and almost knocking him over. He kept walking because he really needed to find his card and roz and I stopped to yell at her for him. Well, it didn't start out that way, but it sure as shit ended up as that. I told her in a very bemused voice, her stupidity was rather evident at how she was acting, that he was in a rush because he lost his debit card and he did not even touch her child assuming that she would apologize for freaking out. Nope, sorry. You are hereby DENIED. Her response was "I don't care that he lost his stupid card. He almost knocked over my kid." Excuse me? That was the WRONG thing to say. After that everything went red and I lost it. I told her that he came nowhere near to even touching her boy and that she was completely incorrect in saying ANY of that. He.lost.his.fucking.debit.card. I was right behind him and I saw the entire fucking thing. His coat didn't even so much as brush air towards that brat of hers. He waited very patiently for this huge fucking herd of people, it was something like two women, the one who was really fucking fat and bitchy, another who seemed to be more reasonable and I would have preferred to talk to, and about 4 kids, one was in one of those huge stupid mall strollers being pushed by her, the one who "he almost hit" looked to be about 4 or 5 and wandering back and forth by her side, and a bunch of freaking bags. I think I might have called her a bitch and told her that I hope she would lose her debit card too. Really wanted to punch her square in the face. Roz was screaming at her that maybe if she was so fucking concerned for her kid then MAYBE she should keep him closer to her. Duh.... the logic here is dumbfounding. I mean, what's the most that would happen if her stupid child fell over? He would bump a knee or elbow with a 1 out of 50 chance of bruising. Layton's debit card on the other hand... the bank deposit he has of almost (and possibly even over) 5 thousand dollars saved up for a car would be overdrawn in a matter of minutes. And that's on a good day. Finally we had to just leave. Walking away from her roz and I were still yelling over our shoulders at her. I told her she had no FUCKING right to be rude like she was and roz told her to keep a better leash on that child. Stupid fat ass bitch. With karma like hers, it's bound to catch up and it'll be really nasty when it does. I'm sorry that kid has to deal with her, because really now, it's people like her who make this world so much better of a place. It's people like her who make bullies. The greatest humor I can find with this all now is how big of a scene we all were probably making. Ugh. Karma man. I can only hope. Layton did end up finding his card in the though. So we both were able to stop panicing over it.

After we got done drinking we all headed back up to my house. Just missed the bus up to auburn by a matter of minutes and so we had to wait another hour for the next one. It was about an hour too long. When we got up to my house it was 2:30 and my dad was getting up and ready for his day. This is a two and a half hour ritual of his. He leaves for work at 4:30. Had we been an hour earlier I'm pretty confidant that I could have snuck everyone into the house and upstairs with no problems. Layton being the biggest problem out of everyone. Sooo instead of being able to run upstairs and jump into bed with a nice warm body, I instead got to shiver outside in full fucking PVC at the school with one cold body and another sleepy one until my dad left. We parked our asses under the kindergartners playplace. In hopes that no quick over security guards would see us. With it being slightly illegal to be on the premises after dark and all that would have been kinda bad. Lucky us though none came by. Roz noticed when he left and told us. I was trying to pay attention but the hypothermia was getting to me bad. I shut down everything to the point where the only thing I would have noticed was someone approaching so that I wouldn't feel it. So I ran over to check it out and called them to say it was safe. Got roz indoors and in a sweater, she was wearing a pvc jacket so she was feeling it too, turned up the heat until it said 75 inside and stuck her on the heater. I also made her some soup. Don't want her to get sick. If I get sick, I can deal. And speaking of which, oh yeah, I FEEL SICK. :) Nice. Felt bad when I woke up, though being next to a warm body felt great, and I've been in and out all day but I'm trying to beat my way past it. I will survive.

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