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Blech. I've had a very tiring day. It was fun though. I got out of my house, made james come out too, we got him some fangs, and he got a application for game stop. Now he just has to sit down, fill it out and turn it back in again. Blech.

Anyway, my day was mostly good. I walked around a lot, half of it I don't even think I would have had to've done if roz hadn't ended up getting lost in the fray thus causing me to freak out. When I got to the library around 7:30 he told me that she called and left a message on his phone while he was at work saying she would be at the P&R at 4:30. When he got that message it was something like 3 or 4 so he didn't call her back. I then told him he should have called her right after he got off work to see if she was still there at the p&r or if she was at home before handing him my phone and making him call her. Well, we found out that she still wasn't at home a good 4 hours later. That got me really worried so I told layton that we needed to go look for her. We got in a good half an hour of walking around downtown kent, with my legs becoming more and more intolerant by the moment. During the walk, my weird moods were making me talk a lot, I half lectured layton on what he did wrong and what he should do next time. CALL ROZ BACK. It's bad, I know, but that's just me. That's what I do. Lecture. (it's like your mom, only worse because it's your girlfriend) Once my legs really had enough I sat down and fretted about calling her. I didn't want to get roz in any more trouble than she was probably already in for not being with either of us. Anyway, after about 5 minutes of freaking I got layton to dial her number and I was able to talk to her. She was at home. Turned out that we just missed her by a few dozen feet. Where we should have gone left instead we went right. She was in front of the library, at the other end, and her mom found her before we could. Roz's mom drove down to kent to find her right after layton called, soooo we walked around for nothing. She was crying over the phone to me because her brother was a jerk and her mom ended up accusing her of going out and getting drunk. I was really glad that she was safe though and I told her so. We talked a lot and I told her about james' idea of her, layton and I all gaming together. She thought it was cool, and it would be great because I know that those two people would be the easiest to get into a regular gaming schedual. Just set a date and a time that works for everyone. It would be fun. And if other people could get involved that would be really nice too. Blech, off topic. To make a long story short, we talked and now she's going to spend the night friday. Stupid miscalculation on my part, not that it doesn't make me happy. I just meant for her to spend the night saturday. It's ok though, maybe she can spend the night both nights. I'll have to ask tomorrow. Oh, and this little thing today made me get very detailed about what I want her to do tomorrow. I just feel so terrible about missing her. D':

I had to walk home from the km bus stop and my legs were very not happy with me. I called my mom and talked to her for most of it just to keep myself distracted and going. I told her that she was missed when she goes missing and that everyone, ok mostly me, depends on her for everything. We talked about what went on today, my walking a lot and what happened with roz. Oh, and my mcdonalds incident. What is it with black people and not being able to eat not-even-semi-cold fries? I encountered a huge group of them today... For christs sake there are starving people out there who eat those things even if they were months old. But yeah, that pissed me off because had I been right at the counter instead of one behind it when the lady told her server she wanted new fries for her group because they were going to be cold I would have offered to take them off his hands. It was something like 4 boxes that he ended up tossing. THAT WAS A COMPLETE FUCKING WASTE AND I WAS GOING TO ORDER FRIES ANYWAY. Bitch. Shoulda just screamed stop at the top of my lungs. I hate people who do that. Americans are fucking spoiled stupid and had I been that server I would have given her a huge lecture. It just pisses me off so bad. Spoiled fucking stupid. They need to get over themselves. I hate american humans. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

And I should stop typing now. I've done too much and I want to do more. My time is running low though.

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