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October 12th for Carrie

    Someone that you admire for their brilliant mind is likely to notice your intellectual gifts today. Although you can be sort of shy about your mind's workings sometimes, you are wise.

    If there is any discord present where you perform your daily duties and responsibilities today, you will find that an attitude adjustment will help considerably. Share your feelings with diplomacy and tact.

    Suddenly, you may have a lot of new avenues and interests to pursue. Don't worry, you're up to it. Have fun because this can be an+B263 exciting time if you roll with the changes.

    If you've been thinking about asking a favor of someone influential, now is a good time, my friend. Your unique and original ideas could sponsor inspiration in others.

I really need to figure out what I'm going to do tomorrow.  I'm in a state of utter confusion and regret over everything.  Moody and depressed.  Was going to go visit james after my appointment at almost 1 in the tomorrow, that usually takes an hour and a half though and he doesn't know what time he's going gaming.  I guess I could try and be there around 30-after and hope that I can get in and out quickly.  Last time it was fairly fast.  I think I need to ask my cards before I decide anything definitively.

Fuck.  I feel terrible.  Think I'm going to blame everything on my stupid period.  I want to stab myself in the abdomen with a very sharp fork.  Repeatedly.  This is not even funny for me. 

Picture of the day:  sadness again