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Ok, I'm totally sober now, yay

Fucking drunken idiot... ok, so I think I've sobered up enough to type with no real problems.  I wonder where layton is... Anyway, about today.  Today hasn't really made any sense to me.  I want to blame the weirdness on the drunken stupor type thing I was in earlier but I know I can't.  Ok, so here's how it works.  I went to the boffing field today and saw layton.  A little later than usual, ok, so it was a lot, but I still went all the same.  Finley has decided that he would like to boff as well.  I've got no cares as to whether or not he does or doesn't.  Blah, blah, blah, layton boffed, blah blah, we left, blah, met johnny, blah and stuff.  Ok, now I'm done blahing and yes, I am pretty much, if not 100% sober now.  Anyway, the weirdness of today.  Well, first off, apparently I accidentally called a friend of my mom's, barbara, by mistake while I was in my inebriated state.  I hope this teaches me to always check my keyguard from here on out.  As I was saying, I accidentally called barbara on my cell and she heard some weird shit.  A mexican dude and chick talking, apparently me and layton.  I just don't understand how she mistook us for mexicans.  So these mexicans were talking about all sorts of stuff that got barbera to thinking that I might be in trouble.  IE the mexican chick was talking about her, or someone having a stomach ache.  Someone was saying something about someone else being beaten.  The part I really have to laugh about though is when barbara said they started talking about guns and stuff.  Something like bullet velocities and stuff.  Heh, I must say, my little devil was looking out for me there, somehow making every drunken comment sound like someone else talking about shit that has nothing to do with anything I or anyone else has said.  Thank god no one found out I was gone fishing.  This whole thing just kinda put me off for a moment and got me to thinking which wasn't a good thing.  Gave me a slight headache.  Another thing that happened today was apparently my grandmum got a msn message from my mum saying hi before she (my mum) left.  The nice part, no one has been home today.  I was with layton, liz is baby-sitting and mom was with finley at the beach.  Today has just been crazy.  I'm glad johnny got the booze so that all this shit that I've been hit with since then can be evenly distributed through a glassy haze.  Mike's hard cranberry lemonade, good shit but only 5.2 alc/vol.  I shouldn't be able to get totally drunk off it despite the fact that it is 24 ounces and I'm so fucking thin.  The only reason is because I had nothing to eat today and had to walk up to KM after we got done and, well, that just got it flowing through my system all the faster.  And there you have a drunk carrie.  Not too drunk though.  Just enough.