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Quick Post

I have no time to make a very long one. My parents are still asses mostly my dad though. Fuck. I have been 'grounded' for a week due to my refusal to clean my room. It's never been a problem before, so I really get why it all of the sudden became a problem now. Oh wait, it's because my dad isn't at work so he feels the need to come upstairs and fix stuff. The way my mom put it made it sound like I was punching holes in the wall and tearing up the floor.

"He fixed up that room for you and you don't even take care of it. It's like you don't care."

GAH! Stupid people. It's just stuff. It hasn't put anyones health, mental, emotional or physical in danger so BACK OFF. Anyway, layton got sick of it, me not being on at night, so he went up and spent two nights cleaning it for me, chasing me back down stairs every single time I tried to come up. He even lined up all my boots. ^_^ It's funny. Sooooo.... my room is now clean, and has been for a couple days, but I still have no online time. I now get to ask my mother why tomorrow. I hate my email right now. And my typing has gone to shit. Only one week off the computer and I'm having problems with the keyboard. Weird, but it's coming back a little bit.

So if there is anything that I need to do online I'll be able to do it monday. Hopefully. Barring that she doesn't come up with another excuse as to why I shouldn't be on there.

Picture of the day: No picture tonight. Sorry. But...

Sent:Wed Sep 14 4:20:27 2005

I have been offened by dat quiz!

What a moron. I really don't care, it got a 4.32 out of 5. YOU CAN'T EVEN SPELL.