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Sep. 9th, 2005

Big fat fly. Keeps landing on the computer screen. I wanna catch it and eat it. Like a black widow would. Haha, not really. I mean, I wouldn't eat it. I'd probably make it into an earring if I had the right stuff. But that would take too much work, and I would have to keep my hair away from it.

Every time I get a new cd that has the cruxshadows on it's I'm fucking amazed. Like it's above and beyond anything that I could ever dream of. There's so much emotion packed in there. And they're real. <3<3<3 I need to get some of their cd's like I need another hole in my head. And I really need another hole in my head. I think I actually want two more holes. 100 more dollars for them though, unless I do it myself. *cough* I really should save up so that I can go into musicwerks and get some. Lots and lots. I should just try and figure out which one I want most though. Cruxshadows!!! OMG! I'm so totally in love with them. ^_^

Gamed yesterday (I haven't slept yet so it's still today for me, shut up). Sort of. It was mostly just everyone filling out their sheets, and I already did mine for the most part so for me it was just james bugging me about little parts. I wasn't able to be any more open than I am normally. Mouth sewn shut. Brendan made me play the hulk. For whatever reason, he was amazed by how well I was doing. It really wasn't that hard for me but according to tristan, it was hard for him to do it at the point brendan got it to, or something like that. Some of the comments brendan was making when he was watching were funny. Like how he didn't understand how I was moving so fast when people came after me, and how the hell I was able to keep from dying. IMO, guys just get too technical about that stuff. I mean jesus christ, it's pushing a random assortment of buttons and making sure you keep holding L and R at the right times. After about an hour, I think, I got bored and I quit. Same shit every time. It was all right though. So... I think that's my 4th time playing a GC. I'd still like to get my own, but I'll wait and poke layton later. *poke*

Tonight I emailed james what I had written up as a back story for my girl. I asked him not to say anything about it, give me some time to deal because I'm so skittish about people looking at my unfinished documents, but he had to say something anyway. Mmph. 10 times worse than usual for me because I had stopped in mid-sentence on it and never picked it back up again. It ends "The first few months were bliss..." and then nothing more. My add kicked in hard-core with that. I forced myself to type and type until I couldn't take it anymore and now I really can't type anymore with it. And I still have ideas swimming in my head, but they're things that would be added on as after notes. Like, her sire originally created her as a 'pet,' but when he found out how smart she was, and how fast she learned he eventually ended up hating her BUT he couldn't kill her. So instead he tries to fuck her up, like by telling her that the only way she's going to be able to stay semi-human and alive looking is by eating people pieces. And then he poofs, dies or something. How she carries around a mask painted somewhat like her face, to keep people from flipping over her 5 in appearance, with her and is slightly obsessed with mirrors since she can't see her reflection. Everyone tells her she looks amazing, but she can't see it so she has a room in her house that is full of mirrors and a compact that she carries in her pocket. Just little things like that, that I can't really make up a whole paragraph about but are still pretty significant anyway.

I would probably be better at larping. That would be easier anyway. one wif da erf. But then you need a big uncluttered room. I NEED HELP OPENING UP!!! If layton could be with me that would help. That would help a lot. When he's around I can say anything as long as I stay focused on him. I can't do that with anyone else.

So next time I need to remember my dice and teefs. ^_^ Can't bring tea if I take me teeth though. Don't want to dye them. That would be bad.

James, I have half a mind to give you my Storytellers handbook. It's old, I know, but it has a couple worksheets and some charts in it you might be able to use.

Just changed the desktop background. It's been awhile. It's now a couple ravens, or crows whatever you want to call them, sitting on a branch in the rain. Very goffy. Apparently it's a game background. Midgard or something like that. Whatever. It's cool, I like it and it's a change. I suppose I should probably go to bed now, before I start ranting about my oreos, how much I love them and why I don't get enough. Go to bed and play emerald until I pass out. Yes.

Picture of the day: The Seven Deadly Sins: AVARICE


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Sep. 9th, 2005 10:11 pm (UTC)
Anything you think would be helpful to me is welcome.
Sep. 10th, 2005 06:53 am (UTC)
you+gm=chaos I'm kinda surprised you didn't already get a storytellers handbook.
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