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Mmmm... finally a night to myself. MA SELF! I haven't minded having people over every day, all day and all night, I just need to sleep. It's been shit and that's all I've really been doing today. I didn't get up until 3 in the afternoon and I've just been exausted. After roz left around 8 I was laying on the sofa next to layton going in and out. At one point when I woke up it looked like my blanket that was on one of our chairs looked like a leathery, old, decapitated head of some black guy. I could see his features quite well so it took me a couple minutes to realize what it actually was. That's what happens when I get choppy sleep. So anyway, I think I'm going to enjoy myself tonight.

Layton and roz spent the night last night. Layton went to sleep on my floor because apparently he didn't feel like he could sleep with me. He thought that I was taking up all the room and that he would wake me up if he tried it. I hate having a small bed. It isn't made for two people unless both of those people are smaller in size. I'm small, layton is not. Roz had been sleeping on our sofa. Not the most comfortable thing in the world, but hey, whatever works. She brought me over some stuff too. A bunch of jelly/rubber bracelets she had because I told her how I wanted to get some more. Oh, and she brought over a neclace that she made out of some old earrings of hers. It's a bat. She didn't like them as earrings for the fact that they were too big and heavy. So she has one and she gave me one. It's so fucking cute!!!

I got two more skirts and a dress up at the goodwill yesterday. I like the dress. It's short. I like my skirts/dresses to either be really long or really short. Most long things aren't nearly long enough on me (stupid legs) so I end up getting the short ones.

Layton bought me a copy of sin city. It's coolness. We all sat down and watched it. Roz had never seen it. She thought it kicked ass. ^_^ Happy.

I want johnny hollow.... I've started thinking about that again.

My mind is blanking out now. I should probably stop this and do something else.

Picture of the day: Fairy Boude