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So I'm really hating runescape right now due to our crappy computer. I actually went back to trying to play it over the past couple of days and it still isn't working. It's like, I log on and then every 30 seconds it loses it's connection so I can't get anywhere with it. Grrr. That game was one of the few things that I was able to entertain myself with when I was online. Now I just sit and look for copies of The Necronomicon which I know I shall never be able to have due to the fact that there are pretty much only 15 copies of it in the world. 15 original copies anyway. And the books cost thousands of dollars, so that helps me out even more. The book by Aleister Crowley, not lovecraft, giger or anyone else. That book is frigging dangerous as all hell. If I was indeed ever to get my hands on it I would have to lock it up in a bank vault or something so as to reduce the temptation of it. Layton was threatening to bring about the apocalypse with it. Eh, whatever. Anyway... stuff. Went over to see james today. Did stuff. Fell asleep there for a spell. Layton forgot that that's where I was gonna be till after 4 so the poor guy was sitting at the library from 11 in the mourning until I got there which was almost at 5. :( I swear I reminded him about 2 dzn times about it and yet he still didn't remember. I feel so bad now. Oh well, whatever. *yawn* God I'm tired. Maybe I should go to bed within the next half an hour. Like maybe 12 this time instead of 2 or 3. Oh oh, no good, my ears are ringing... somethings wrong.