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I WANT SAKE GOD DAMN IT! (saki, not sake)

Shitty news. Matthew McGrory is dead. The actor who played the giant in big fish and more recently, tiny in house of 1000 corpses and the devils rejects. He also played in a manson video, an episode of x-files (I think), and carnivale. I heard about it while I was over at james' this morning, only then it wasn't totally official because they couldn't confirm it. It was kinda depressing. Called layton and told him about it, and he looked it up later on once he got off work. I liked him. He was a neat-o actor person, and he had a great career ahead of him. Oh well.

Visited james today. Slept a bunch, sort of that half sleeping where you're still vaguely aware of what is going on around you, and I think he's learning how to fall asleep around me too. Thats a good thing.

Uh, yeah. I found a snag in my black and white nylons today. I'm pissed over it. Showed mom and she told me to put nail polish over the top and bottom of the snag it so it wouldn't get any wider. And I guess it makes sense. It's just that the thing goes up the entire inside of my leg. Fuck. And that is the reason I hate all nylons, and fishnets don't count because they don't do that. That's what I get for having such long fucking legs. Nothing ever fits quite right on them. AUGH!

My shade foundation bracelet came today. I think that's one of the few things that went ok. It seems a little big though, and I'm tempted to buy a kids one to see if it would fit better. I'm sure it wouldn't. I also was able to get one of those wands that has glitter and uh, tiny colored beads in it, up at the thrift center for 25 cents. That was kind of a shock, I thought she would have charged me a dollar or two for it since it didn't have a price tag. It has really pretty small blue and slightly larger green beads in it along with stars and moons and your regular glitter stuff. I love those wands, got one for christmas one year. It was red and a lot smaller than this new one. Don't know what happened to it. Anyway, it is now my blue wand of doom and I'll beat people over their stupid heads with it if they're being stupid and annoying me (ok, so I wouldn't really, because that would hurt, but it's a tempting thought). I also saw the crow on vhs there, but I resisted buying it. Looked at the tv's there, they didn't have any ones that were a bit newer with those plugs in the front for video games and what-nots, but they did have a cute tiny one, less than a 5 inch screen, not that it would be of any use to me. Ppht.

So yeah, I'm just kinda teetering right now on if I want to be mellow and semi-ok or totally upset. All this bad stuff, my nylons snagging, my phone dying, the computers not wanting to work for me and missing the bus because my watch is off by a few minutes; versus getting to see layton, james and roz all in one day, my bracelet coming and getting my wand of doom. I want to cry but I'm forcing myself not to. To try and cheer up. It's so hard.

Ok, and now I have to go download and print out all those sheets for james. Couldn't do it at the library because for whatever stupid reason, their computers don't like to print out adobe. I only got one printed out, by sheer luck alone I'm guessing, after an hour and a half of struggling with them. *sigh* In my anger towards those stupidness I ended up printing out 100 blank sheets of paper. Mmph. Paperness. It cut layton.

Today is one of those days when I really hate myself.

Picture of the day: ebony and ivory
Her first deviation, I got it through my inbox and I don't feel like looking around for something else. I'm in a dragon mood.