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Roz and stuff

Roz now has a live journal. I told her what james said, in his exact words "it is awesome," and then helped her set it up.  We just barely had enough time to stick her whole of 11 entries in it.  She also has it linked through her old one.  The whole email confirmation that she is supposed to get... it's not working.  I had it send out 2 and it didn't work either time.  Don't know what's wrong...  Anyway, layton and roz came over today.  That was pretty cool I guess.  Made plans to go see Dawn of the Dead not this saturday but the one after.  : |  I hate waiting.  She said that matt and tess went to see it and they gave it really good reviews as well.  So yeah, that pretty much settled it then and there.  I guess when layton and roz were coming back from the super mall they had a pretty bad experience with some homeless drunk dude.  I really didn't think much of it up until layton made a comment about how this dude who was harrassing him and roz said he wanted to get her on all fours and make her happy.  That just really made me sick.  Yuck!  If I can I'm gonna get roz a better knife, that way she has some form of protection that is better than she has now.  I'm really glad I wasn't there with them.